Friday, March 08, 2013

CGAA/ACT Live Commission Speed Paint Challenge 5: 08/03/2013

It's your final synesthetic speed paint challenge for this first week of the ACT Live Commission project.  There have been so many exciting, diverse and expressive images produced this week, your blogs have been akin to an expensive firework display!  Let's make day five of the challenge the greatest display of Photoshop virtuosity and synesthetic flourish yet. If you haven't produced a painting so far, then make this your first, but not last.  Indeed, if you've missed any of the challenges this week, or if you want to revisit any of them, please do so, just remember to clearly label your resulting images so Tom & Jordan know to which musical extract they belong.  So - for the last time this week, listen, listen again - paint!

  1. Create Photoshop file @ 4800 x 2700 pixels / 300ppi
  2. Paint!
  3. Use layers
  4. Save your painting as PSD file
  5. Dropbox your painting
  6. Blog your painting
  7. Job done.
  8. See you Monday!

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