Friday, March 01, 2013

@Alan Rigging issue

I've run into a 'Joint Issue' which bends in the wrong direction when I try to match the joints to Rhea's leg position.

Example of Joints in a straight line being pulled up by IK handle

 Example of Joints matching her leg's angle being pulled up by IK handle

I have tried zeroing out the rotations on the knee joints  however it always gives me the cross leg problem. 

How can I fix this?

Thanks in advance~


  1. Hi Lyn-Dae, you can try to exaggerate the knee joint so that from your view-port side view there is an obvious arcing/ angle in the joints (even if this means for the knee joint penetrating outside of the geometry). You can also try to squat/ slouch the character using your current skinning weights and transform the geometry into that position, unbind the skeleton and re-position the knee joints. I figure it's so the IK's can calculate and realise the intended movement when you exaggerate the joints. When the character is rigged you can adjust the posture...

  2. Well at the moment the joints are pretty exaggereated in thier angles.
    Although I haven't tried moving the characters legs in a little like you were describing then re rigging it... so I'll try that out

  3. Either,

    1)Add a pole vector ctrl.
    2)If that doesn't work recreated the joints. Joints should not have rotational value of any kind - You cannot freeze their transforms either.

  4. Ok, I'll try adding a pole vector~