Thursday, February 21, 2013

Guest Lecturer: Darren Wall @ Planet Jump Productions 05/03/2013

Darren Wall is the Managing Director of Planet Jump Productions and he's coming to talk to us on Tuesday 5th March @ 2pm in Lecture Theatre 1.  Darren is a Post With The Post blog-watcher and will be talking about his experience and career.  He'll be expecting questions from an informed and literate community of budding cg artists, so I suggest you take a look at Planet Jump Productions and prepare some intelligent enquiries.  Time permitting, Darren has agreed to look at a selection of year 3 work, so I suggest third years ensure their blogs are fully up-to-date and inspection-ready.  

"At PLANET JUMP we utilise a wide range of animation and design techniques, from Traditional hand-drawn, Flash, Roto-Scope, Green Screen to CG animation, to provide original solutions to any production brief whether it is Live-Action or Animation, 2D or 3D.

Visual Effects and Motion Graphics are also areas in which PLANET JUMP specialises, creating contemporary and experimental material that branches into Feature effects, Commercials, Title Sequences and Music Promos. It is our mission to provide feature quality effects for film and promos as well as productions at the lower end of the budget spectrum, enabling each client to realise their full potential.

PLANET JUMP also provides an excellent pre-production service supplying storyboards, concept and character designs and animatics, for animation and live-action..."

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