Saturday, February 23, 2013

FAO CGAA Year 1: Your New Storytelling & Commission Project Brief & Timetable Is Available Now On myUCA

Your new project brief and timetable is available now on myUCA.
There are a number of key deadlines for your diary, which I'm highlighting here for your convenience:

Your Animation 'Showreel' Crit with Meg is Wednesday, March 27th @ 10am in Lecture Theatre 2. Meg will brief you in regard to required content and submission criteria.  This is a formative assessment point, but Meg will use this opportunity to review your progress and identify any gaps, absences or weaknesses in need of redress before the summative assessment point (see below).

Friday May 3rd is 'Big CGAA Friday'. You have 3 summative deadlines due on this date.

1) Contextual Studies written assignment @ 11am – 12 Noon Campus Registry Office*

2) CG Artist's Toolkit (Maya/Animation/Drawing) completion deadline.  By this date, your blogs need to be completely up-to-date and your various Toolkit content organised effectively via labels in readiness for assessment by Chris/Meg/Alan.

3) Storytelling & Commission Fantastic Voyage Final Crit @ 10am Lecture Theatre 1

*I will seek to negotiate an alternative hand-in time on this day that doesn't conflict with your attendance at the final crit.  I strongly encourage you to complete your written assignments in advance of this deadline.

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