Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sketch Jam - Attempt a Return?

Would people be up for it?

Musicians get together to play, actors get together to improvise, so artists should get together to draw... right?

The idea of the Sketch Jam is to provide a chance to be creative together, to share ideas, critique, technique and  let loose the crazy bubbling artistic juices in our minds.

The Sketch Jam started up last year and had a fun run but dropped off due to a lack of numbers, stress and general student apathy.


It would be fantastic to start up again! The old format was to meet up in a pub in Rochester, at around 4pm, and draw - then maybe conclude with a meal together.

Anyone interested? I'll be asking around the base room, come find me if you are.




  1. Hey Yeah, I was going to suggest re-booting this one back in september but things got a bit too hectic.... Great idea to have the Sketch Jam back though :)

  2. miss it! (:D now I go to these kind of sketch jams at Angel's life drawing, costs £7 though :D

    1. haha is that with or without a drink? ;)

  3. haha :D a drink is always in line! but after the session .. :D

  4. Michael S, Steven and I are up for it =)

  5. quickly - to the pub with you, pencils behind ears - chop chop!

  6. Hey! I want to get in on this too, but can I get slowly more riddled so that my sketches become more and more unrefined and random? Please?