Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Seminar: VJing, Visuals, Video Art

Hello Everyone,

We'll shortly be hosting a Seminar over at Canterbury that some of you may be interested in.

FaceBook event:

This month, we're proud to be hosting a visit by Matt Black, founder of the Ninja Tune Label, prolific AV artist, and one half of Coldcut.

On January the 23rd, at 4pm Matt will be giving an Illustrated account of his work thus far, his adventures in Audio Visual Performances, and talking to students/guests about their own thoughts/feelings about private projects.

The evening will see a talk by Matt, followed by Q&A - and a short demonstration/AV performance.

The Seminar is driven by the brand new 'Realtime Visual Performance' module,
which forms an exciting addition to the Film Degree program at Canterbury Christchurch University.

Public, Academic and Student guests are very welcome at this event.
Those with an interest in VJing, Expanded Cinema, Fine Art or Video will be especially tickled.

The Powell Building - FRTV
Canterbury Christchurch University
North Holmes Road

Time: 4-6pm

For Further info and any Parking concerns,
please email:


  1. I'd like to go to this, I'll have car spaces if anyone wants to join me.

  2. sounds interesting! may take you up on that offer, chrissie!

  3. I'd recommend getting there for 3:30 incase you have trouble parking. That slender car park by the Cathedral Wall, opposite Lady Wooton's Green is probably a good bet.