Friday, January 25, 2013

Playblast Podcast

Hey everyone hope you are doing well at Uni.
Today my friend Luke Clough gave me a podcast staring him and his friend Charlie Banks. They are Uni graduates from Bournemouth University and in this podcast they talked about their experience there.
From comparing how different it is from college, what inspired them to do animations, talking about what takes priorities while making an animated film, working together in a team, and much more.
Also as a bonus they talked about some animated shorts and used One More Beer as an example of being very short in time yet really entertaining. They even analysed the film, wondering if it used incomplete character models.

Here's the link to their podcast here

and here is the animated short One More Beer here
One More Beer! from pedro conti on Vimeo.

If you like Playblast Podcast then let then know by sending comments to their page here and maybe give them some subjects that you want them to talk about.

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