Monday, January 21, 2013

@ Phil/Alan

Hi Phil/Alan,

This might be a silly question but is there anything specific that you definitely want in our presentations for tomorrow's tutorials about our ideas?



  1. Hey Emma. The way I've tried to do mine is to make it very clear what your idea is and how you go about it. For example you'd have what its is you want to adapt then maybe what it you want to do with it and why maybe. Then just some stuff about maybe art direction.

    Just try and make it as clear as possible about the idea you have so the rest of us can understand it :) Its not a pitch, its just where your at so Phil, Alan and us can all be on the same page as you. Thats what I think at least so if I'm wrong someone please let me know XD

  2. Treat the presentation as an overview of the 'recipe' of your project so far. What are the ingedients and methods that will blend together to give you an original and professionaly focused outcome? Keep it brief and use images / examples where possible.

  3. Thanks Mike and Alan that's a lot clearer now! :)

  4. Thanks Emma, useful question and helpful answers! :)