Wednesday, January 09, 2013

FAO Year 3: Submission Check List


Submission is between 10am - 5pm
on Friday 11th January.

Submitted in the CGAA Baseroom.

Submission Requirements:

Please ensure that all the requirements below are met. No extra time can be given. 

 Final work: 

1) Copied onto a specified CGAA Baseroom computer (details on the day). Please check that your work plays and can be viewed in full.

2) Submitted on a professionally presented DVD/CD. Clearly labelled with your name and title of the project.

3) Uploaded to your blog.

 Making of document: 

1) A .PDF version copied onto the specified CGAA Baseroom computer.

 2) Submitted as part of your main DVD/CD submission disk

3) Uploaded to your blog. 

4) Optional: A professionally printed / bound document

PDF Version of your blog

1) Included on your submission disk

Up to date blog:

Please ensure that your blog is fully up to date for by 5pm Friday 11th January.

Good Luck Everyone!

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