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FAO CGAA Yr 3 National Student Survey 2013 Needs Your Input!

I know you're all preoccupied with applying the finishing touches to your minor projects - and that's how it should be in this final week - onwards and upwards!  However, as of 7th Jan the National Student Survey 2013 goes live and I just wanted to bring the launch of the survey to your attention, as your participation in the survey is essential to the way the University seeks to improve its courses and maintain standards.

Launch of the National Student Survey 2013

Okay, so you're about to be invited by Ipsos MORI (an independent market research agency) to complete the National Student Survey (NSS) from 7 January to 30 April 2013.

The survey is targeted at final year undergraduates only to provide feedback on their courses.  The results of the NSS contribute towards the overall student satisfaction rating for the University which are published annually.

Ipsos MORI will send an email to all eligible students on either Monday 7 January or Tuesday 8 January 2013.  This email will detail a unique personal link for students to click to the NSS online. This email will go to your ucreative email accounts so you need to be proactive about checking your ucreative account - and I know some of you aren't.  In this instance, I need you to make an exception, as your personalised NSS login details won't be available elsewhere.

If students don't complete the NSS survey right away, Ipsos MORI then contacts them by way of encouragement.  I'm assuming that most of you will be much too busy to engage happily with telephone interviews etc., but Ipsos MORI will seek to contact you in this way as more weeks go by, so I suggest you complete the survey sooner rather than later.  See below - a timetable re. the survey and the method and means of data collection by Ipsos MORI:

Week commencing 7 January 2013 - Survey week 1

Ipsos MORI will send an email to all eligible students on either Monday 7 January or Tuesday 8 January 2013.  This email will detail a unique personal link for students to click to the NSS online.  

Week commencing 14 January 2013 – Survey week 2

Reminder emails will be sent from Ipsos MORI to non-responding students on either Wednesday or Thursday of this survey week.

Week commencing 21 January 2013 - Survey week 3

Ipsos MORI begin telephone interviews with students with only telephone contact details.  Reminder SMS messages from Ipsos MORI to be sent to non-responding student mobile phones on the Tuesday or Wednesday of this survey week.

Week commencing 28 January 2013 and 4 February 2013 - Survey weeks 4-5

Targeted postal surveys will be sent by Ipsos MORI.

Week commencing 11 February 2013 onwards to 30 April 2013 - Survey week 6 onwards

Ipsos MORI will contact non-responsive students by telephone and by email.

The short version? Complete your surveys online and do it early!

Okay - so what does the survey entail?  Most of you will have completed surveys very similar to the NSS during your time with us, so you know the drill.  There are 23 core questions relating to the following aspects of the student learning experience:

  1. Teaching on my Course
  2. Assessment and Feedback
  3. Academic Support
  4. Organisation and Management
  5. Learning Resources
  6. Personal Development
  7. Overall Satisfaction
  8. Students' Union 
The survey doesn't take very long, but it is important that you consider your responses carefully.  It may feel like just another box-ticking exercise - but it isn't. The NSS survey is crucial to our understanding of what you think about us, and UCA more broadly.  You're telling us about the things we're doing well and where stuff needs improving. You're highlighting the weaknesses and safe-guarding the good bits. You can help your course team make things better.  Your feedback is used to improve the student experience for future students, so be honest, but be constructive.   Your views on what we do become part of formal monitoring processes within the University, which promotes discussion and debate.  In short - data derived from the NSS - from you - is taken very seriously!

As per previous years, I'll publish a NSS-themed post on the group blog next Monday (14/01/2012) and ask you to leave a 'done it' comment when you've completed the survey.  I'll also drop by your personal blogs with a reminder and link to this post as the days go by.

So - check your ucreative accounts on Wednesday 9th January for your NSS online login details - and complete the survey promptly when you get a spare ten minutes.  Many thanks!

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