Monday, January 07, 2013

FAO CGAA Year 1: Unit Storytelling & Commission/Project: From Script To Screen - Your Online Greenlight Review Wednesday 23rd January

Wednesday, 23rd January is your From Script To Screen Online Greenlight Review (OGR)

Your OGR is to be presented as a single Scribd presentation on your blog, beginning with your name, date, and project title. Save your documents as PDFs before uploading to Scribd, as this should mitigate against formating glitches.   Remember - when pasting Scribd embed code into your blog, you must first select the HTML mode tab, then switch back to 'Compose' to view the embedded presentation.  Your OGR presentations should be uploaded to your blogs by 9 am on Wednesday 23rd November.  Written feedback will follow as a 'comment' on your OGR post and will take between 2 - 3 days.

From Script To Screen OGR: What do you need to present?

  1. The premise of your story
  2. The logline of your story
  3. The step outline of your story
  4. Character biographies
  5. Your script
  6. Your 'like-for-like' storyboard segment (finished)
  7. Your creative partnership archived (so far)
  8. In addition, your OGR should evidence that you are up-to-date with your film reviews and ongoing CG Artist's Toolkit project work (life-drawing/Maya tutorials/Meg's animation exercises etc).  Your OGR might include links to the corresponding posts and/or images. Historically, students who use their OGR to manage their weekly tasks in this way manage their workloads more successfully.

Remember, you're gunning for a 'green light' - you want to take your script into the pre-production  stage as soon as possible, so ensure that your story idea is developed sufficiently and communicates effectively.

Please note: your OGR should be a professionally presented, spell-checked, with an emphasis on graphic design, layout and project branding. 

Your creative partnerships for this project are particularly important.  I want to see you working together proactively - and standing up to each other too; if you think your partner's story idea isn't working, you should say so - constructively.  Find dynamic and visual ways of archiving your partnerships - video diaries, anyone? Audio recordings of brainstorming sessions? Surprise me! Delight me! Your creative partnerships should feel active and exciting - you're not just ticking boxes on a brief, you're learning how to collaborate and build professional working relationships.  Your creative partnerships for the duration of this project are listed below - and no radio silence please; if you don't interact with others positively you're being unprofessional - simple as. 

Simon & Aaron 

Jebb  & Jake

Emily & Vicky H

Matt & Alex    

Vikki K & Anass 

Shan & Lucy   

Dhuran & Peta-gaye

Kym & Sam
Lekti & Katy & George H

Nadia & Meg H 

Kinbi & George N

I very much look forward to reading your scripts on the 23rd - 'Be Amazing!'

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