Monday, January 07, 2013

FAO CGAA Year 1: Unit Storytelling & Commission/Project: From Script To Screen - Examples of Previous Student Work

As you start thinking about your story ideas and planning your project timetables, take a look at these examples of previous student work in response to the From Script to Screen project brief - all of which began with those same 3 random slips of paper!

Sammy Butler - & Son

Jono Pearmain - A Hero's Hat

This brief is more than an exercise in satisfying the CGAA curriculum.  This is your first experience of getting an original story idea from 'script to screen' - but what you accomplish in the next few weeks might be just the beginning of a much more ambitious creative experience. Back in early 2010, GTA Jordan Buckner undertook the very same challenge of synthesising 3 random components into an original story idea for an animated short.  Jordan's resulting work, Piano can be seen here as both animatic and pre-viz.   In early 2012, Jordan returned to this story as the basis for his final major project, and so it was that Piano became The Minor Key.

'Piano' (March 2010)


The Minor Key (July 2012)

This project is hugely important to your creative and professional development as CG artists.  This is about the craft and graft of the storyteller and it's not for the faint-hearted.  You will need to fight for your stories.  You will need to fight to make them work and to connect satisfyingly with audiences.  Don't underestimate the challenge - meet it head on with professionalism and with gusto and you might just create a story idea that's good enough to go a whole lot further.  Good luck!

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