Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Create a monster Help!!

I need help from kids between 4-8 years to help me create a monster as part of my adaptation project where children's drawings are adapted into a 3D character. (Since I can’t really ask the little me from years ago, I think it would be really interesting and fun to see what the little ones nowadays can come up with.)  

The task is mainly aimed for children between 4- 8 years old. The task here is for them to complete this worksheet below which is for them to create a monster (Can be friendly if they like!!) that the monster maybe be hiding in the darkest or the scariest places of the house using as many colours, materials, paints, pens etc if they like- letting them be as creative as they can be!!

When finished, please send a copy of the drawing to me at jku@students.ucreative.ac.uk (or you can find me either in the baseroom or the mini room where I can collect them or if you have questions) where I will collect them and using all the drawings collected, recreate and bring a monster to life!

The deadline to send the drawings is 1st February.

Thank you!!


Draw a monster worksheet: ( Apologies The link's not working so here they are as image files)

Page 1
Page 2

Page 3