Tuesday, January 01, 2013

CGAA Speed Paint Challenge - 'A Steampunk Christmas'

The final festive themed digital paintings on a theme of 'A Steampunk Christmas'...

Congratulations to all who have taken part in the CGAA Speed Paint Challenge over the festive period.  It's been genuinely exciting to see the results, and your ingenuity and expressiveness has been a daily delight.  Look out for more challenges in the New Year!


  1. Wow Phil's guy is so cool :D
    Gutted I missed this one, might do it anyway just for self amusement

  2. Hi Phil,
    Congrats to all on these works, fantastic to see. We are trying to find a meaningful way of supporting local aspiring creative talents in Medway and providing some sort of platform as best we can from a business. We are based on Medway City Estate. Would be very grateful for your consultation to see if anyway we could be of use/ forge beneficial partnership
    Luke (luke.balnave@questor-insurance.co.uk)