Thursday, January 10, 2013

@Alan Turnaround Problem Pt2

I don't have a problem with the HDR Map showing in the jar anymore but now there seems to be another colour appearing inside the jar when it should be transparent (like the rest of the picture)

How can I render out the jar without  any colour showing inside it?



  1. If you rendered it out as a tiff (you really need to if you have transparent objects)then the alpha channel will cut any transparency out when you put it into after effects.

    1. If you're already rendering as a tiff (you prob are) and it's the alpha cutting out where all the transparency is then I'd say it's a problem with the shader on the jar.

  2. (Yess I am using Tiffs)
    hmm, ok..
    I am using a toon shader with a a certain amount of transparency to see through the jar..
    So does that mean I'd probably have to change the shader/ make sure the inside has the same shader (which I don't think it does)

  3. That will be the problem. When I looked at the picture I could see the outside of the jar was transparent and I thought you might have put a different shader on the outside as the inside, that's why I said about your shader. But yeah put the transparent shader on the whole jar and I'm sure it will fix it :)