Saturday, January 05, 2013

@ Alan Maya 2013 timeline scrub crashing

I have been having a strange problem where when I scrub through the timeline maya crashes.
The file seems to work for a little while if I save it as a .MA file but only temporarily.

Can you tell me why its happening ?

Also sorry about not replying to your comment on the 6th of December I only saw it yesterday ~


  1. This could be caused by any number of problems. I would guess its because of how heavy (comlpex) your scene is and at a certain point Maya / your computer runs out of memory. It could also be one element in your scene which Maya is struggling to load, a texture or a toon line for example. I would suggest turning everything off and scrubbing, turning back on objects one by one until the problem occurs.

  2. Thank you,
    I was able to locate the problem by isolating the scene as you said. I found that the original 'Ready to animate model' was the problem. After optimising the scene and scrubbing through the timeline it seemed to work again.