Friday, December 21, 2012

Requesting Master Paintings!

Hi all! Meg Leslie here.

I shan't be participating in next semester's Storytelling project, so I'm dedicating that seven weeks to personal study. What that means for you lot is, send me your favourite paintings so I can make master studies from them! Old masters will be much appreciated, and if a painting isn't in the public domain I won't post my study of it on my blog, but don't let that deter you from submitting recent paintings.

I'm asking you all instead of finding my own because I need to get out of my comfort zone. If I chose my favourites to study from, I'd just do things I personally liked and probably wouldn't learn very much. So, link to your favourites in the comments with the name of the piece, name of the artist and, if possible, the date of the piece, and I'll add it to the list of paintings from which to make studies! There are no specific criteria, as long as it's good art.

Thanks in advance!



  1. okey dokey, Ms Leslie - I have my instructions - watch this space!

  2. I'll give this some thought Meg.

    For the time being I will direct you to here.

  3. Some of the images are up to a gigapixel in size!

  4. Okay - this my first image - but it's not 'great master of painting' - rather it's a great example of illustration. It's JC Leyendecker's Couple Descending A Staircase, painted in 1932 - see link below.

    I love everything about this image - the composition, use of black, the incredible rendering of lighting, the glacial glamour, the whiff of decadence. Just look at the light-play on their skin and on the balustrade. Jewel-like!

  5. Hi Meg - I will give it some thought over Xmas and get back to you with some names, however I recommend supporting your observations with deeper learning around traditional painting skills. If you look at the book 'Color and Light' by James Gurney it gives you a quick overview of what to consider when painting. Knowing this could help you unpick painting styles and choices.