Thursday, December 06, 2012

FAO CGAA Yr 1: The Zoetrope Crit - Wednesday @ 10am Lecture Theatre 1

For those who don't yet know, your CG Artist's Toolkit 'Zoetrope Crit' begins at 10am in Lecture Theatre 1 on Wednesday 12th December.    Both groups need to bring their completed zoetrope strips in readiness for spinning.  It won't be a long crit, but it should be a very entertaining one. The loops-in-progress I've already glimpsed have been charming - for example, Meg Leslie's galloping Rudolph (red nose pending...). You're presenting your finished work not only to Animation Meg, but also to GTA Jordan, Artist-in-Residence Tom, and year 3 students!  I appreciate that next week is a big one for you, with your Secret Lairs crit on Friday, but you're expected to attend both crits - no exceptions. 'Be amazing', remember?


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