Friday, December 21, 2012

CGAA Speed Paint Challenge - 'When Good Toys Turn Bad'

The festive season takes a detour to the dark side... Today's CGAA Speed Paints in response to 'When Good Toys Turn Bad...'


Until tomorrow!


  1. Don't look too closely, ladies and gents, but I think the small sweet bear in Nat's painting is exposing himself! That's one very bad toy indeed! Meanwhile, Simon is mashing-up the nutcracker with Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Now... for your reference:


    Very witty, Simon :)

    Jojo's even got an evil My Little Pony, Nadia has a drug-dealing Mickey, and Leo's got evil sheep! And to think yesterday it was all icing sugar, candy canes and donuts!

  2. Awesome work everyone! (: I love Nadia's piece, it really made me laugh!

    I was hoping i would finish in time, sorry for being late! :(

    1. ta da! As if by magic...

      6 hours Christmas shopping? Did you get me something nice? ;)

  3. Thanks Phil!
    It was insane, I wish did my Christmas shopping a month ago instead!

    Haha yep, one of those lovely toys from today's paintings is waiting under your Christmas tree to be unwrapped. :D

  4. oh goodie - I do hope it's your evil devil doll, Alice... clearly I won't be seeing any of you in January 2013, as I'll have an icepick in the back of my head by Boxing Day...

    You've seen these movies, I presume...? *warning - trailers are a bit gory in a 1980's stylee*