Saturday, December 22, 2012

Blendshape help please!

Hello, I hope everyone is having a great xmas break.

Im having a blendshape problem at the moment. I need to add an extra blendshape to an already rigged and skinned model but whenever I do, the new blendshape seems to unparent itself from the rig.

I then thought this maybe this is an input order issue as the blendshape is above the skin clusters therefore it is not being affected by the rig, but I can't seem to move the blendshape input underneath the skin clusters one. When I try this error appears:

// Warning: comparison:CRANE_MODEL_skinCluster1 is not deforming comparison:CRANE_MODEL_polySurfaceShape2Deformed.

 Is there anyway at all I can add a new blendshape without re skinning the rig? any feedback would be great :)


  1. I can see you have a bit of history on your base model. Could that effect it?

    1. Uhmm see if I was to delete the history I'd still have to re skin the model anyway including all the scenes I've already animated, but it looks like thats what I might have to do now :(

  2. Choose 'Edit - Delete History by Type - Non-Deformer History'. Hopefully that will delete the history without unbinding the mesh.

    Regarding the blendshape - It's a translate value problem. Either before you bound the mesh you didn't freeze the transformations, or you've frozen the transforms for the blend shape, or you moved the whole mesh at once by using the vertices (component mode). To check...

    1) Select your bound mesh and check in the channel box if the translates and rotates are 0,0,0 and the scale 1,1,1. If you have values then this could be cause.

    2) Select your blend shape and enter 0,0,0 for the translate and rotates. It should jump to the extact position on your character - assuming its also at the origin (0,0,0) and that the original mesh had it translates frozen before you bound it.