Saturday, December 01, 2012


Hi Alan.

I just wanted to check something with you as some odd things are happening with my maya character. Im not sure if its simply a bug in Maya 13 or if something may be corrupted but when I place the joints  to do the eye lids odd things begin to happen. Some times it comes up error can not place values and the screen freezes for a little bit then begins to work again. Also, after i placed them in a layer and renamed the layer it come up error no items selected, so i clicked on and off nothing was there. I also went to onto the layer name again and when the pop up came up, which norm allows you to change colour and add a name it had nothing, just a blank box.

However I saved this as a separate file and reopened it and it was fine.

I bring it up as this has not happened at all before so I'm not sure if this is corruption or a bug?  Just wondering what your thoughts are on this matter.

Many Thanks



  1. It sounds like a bug to me, Maya always seems to be full of them. Yesterday when placing IK handles onto joints I kept getting an error message saying I needed to place the IK handles on joints. That's just the way Maya can be sometimes. :(

    1. Ah okay them :) Ive never had anything quite like it before, in the end i just deleted it and started again and it was fine so who knows XD Thanks for your reply!

  2. I think one or two bugs in a program as advanced as Maya is to be expected. It does a lot right. Glad all is fixed Mike.