Sunday, December 02, 2012

@Alan - Mental Ray and Texture Map Help

I'm having a problem when I import a tiff file it gives me this error warning;

TIFFReadDirectory: Warning, J:/3D Work Backup/codename cookie/Codename Cookie/sourceimages/Textures/dungarees texture.tif: wrong data type 7 for "RichTIFFIPTC"; tag ignored.

I'm not really sure why it comes up.

(When I save the texture map as a tiff file I do put it settings to "none" and its size is 1024 )..

How do I fix this?

I'm also having a texture problem, when the mesh is not in preview mode the texture lines on her chest are straight but when I view it in preview mode/ smoothed it gives the texture lines pointy edges when its suppose to straight..

(Not sure if its important or not but I did uv snapshot when the mesh was in preview mode/smoothed does that change the outcome much?)

pic 1: un smoothed

pic 2: preview smoothed


  1. Bring in your project on Tuesday and i'll take a look at the scene.

  2. I imagine you got this answered but just in case you didn't -

    1. I get the tiff error all the time but it doesn't seem to effect anything so I just ignore it.

    2. When you exported your UV map an made your texture you most likely didn't have the mesh smoothed, I've had this happen to me. You end up making your texture to the unsmoothed UV's and when you put it into maya then smooth your mesh it alters your texture. Make sure your mesh is smooth before you export your UV's .