Saturday, December 01, 2012

@Alan Blendshape Problem

I'm starting to add blend shapes for facial rigging and have done the first one 'Eee' involving the clusters fine. I'm now doing 'Uuu' and am following the tutorial exactly however when I go to all inputs of the head and move the blend shape input below the skin cluster and tweak ones then attempt to drag up the blend shape editor from 0.000 to 1.000 my character's head moves back slightly. Below are the head before I attempt it and after.

Do you know of any way to stop this happening?


  1. Hey, I just did the Facial Rigging to the letter and Im having the same problem. when i put the blend shape to 1 to start working on it the head moves a fair amount. Im guessing this is a bug but is there a fix for it? or have me and emma done something wrong?

  2. Hi All

    There may be a hidden value on your head. This problem is generally caused by having a value on the before binding or accidentally adding a value at some point whilst rigging/skinning. There is a fix but i'll need to help you fix it. See me on Tuesday.

  3. i've just ran into the same problem. even when i rebuild the blend shape sculpting head and create a brand new deformer, the issue remains. looks like you'll be busy tuesday, alan!