Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sky Arts Sting Competition is 'Go'!

Sky Arts is looking for fresh talent to design a 20 second animation to air on its channels. You could win a £500 cash prize, a month’s paid work placement and a chance to see your work broadcast...

Go here for more info and examples of previous winning entries.

Go here for the entry pack!

I want lots of you to try for this!  CG Arts & Animation students can win this thing - indeed, one year one of our number came very close indeed...

Go! Go! Go! Get yourselves on the telly!


  1. I'm always trying to find these sorts of things but normally miss the times to register by

  2. get in there, Nat! I want loads of entries from CGAA - it's 20 secs, with an emphasis on quirky creativity, abstraction, mixing of media ... I know you're all busy bees, but this is really manageable, really free, really creative... DO IT! :D