Wednesday, November 07, 2012

@Alan: Maya 2013 and bonus tools problems

I have several problems with my maya updates right now:

1. Bonus Tools doesn't recognise that I have Maya 2013 on my computer and can not be installed. I tried the same thing with updated version of bonus tools and it has the same problem, but it also asks for Maya 2013.5 version which I believe is Extension for Maya 2013 which includes new viewport that supports DirectX 11 shaders and some other nice stuff.

2. I can't find where I could get Maya 2013 extension for students since the link in the main page is only for licensed accounts.

3. This morning I had bonus tools on maya 2013, but Audio vawe was not working, so I started messing around with updates and lost everything...

The alternative solution would be just to come back to maya 2012, but I really would like to avoid that. Is there a way to work around this?


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  2. Hi Dom

    It's hard to make a judgement or suggestion without seeing your machine. It could be any number of problems depending upon the software(s) you have installed. However, I would recommend reading the comments on this page as a possible guide and / or fix.

  3. I installed everything into hard disk C and downloaded new install file of bonus tools and it started working. Really weird... I did almost the same thing maybe five times until it started working.

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