Monday, October 22, 2012

Vote for NAT

Hey CGAA All Years!

I'm running for Yr2 Course Representative &
Student Experience Officer in the Student Council

If you want IMPROVEMENTS made to YOUR uni experience

I've already started motions to Solve the issue of the melting temperatures in the Baseroom, by applying for airconditioning. This is just the beginning of what is possible if you vote for me.

To VOTE, check your University emails for one titled;
Registration Invitation
MSL Membership System
(P.S. This may be in your JUNK folder)

Click on the link,
 make a password,
Find my name in the Student Experience Officer Tab

Natalie Urwin

Any problems don't hesitate to email me at :


  1. Ok, I hear you, Nat - but will you fix the massive budget deficit? What about spiraling unemployment figures and rising inflation? How exactly do you propose to simmer rising tensions in the Middle East without the full support of Russia or China? Will cans of Dr Pepper ever return to the vending machines? (I think saw Coconut milk in the other day! What's going on!?!?) I'm seeking assurances over here!

    1. Student Council Tom... I have contacts in the Middle East but I don't think they go that high :)
      Cans of Dr Pepper however, I could investigate. Yes you saw coconut milk, I saw it today, along with the new obsession of 'Sweet & Salty' popcorn that is in the new 'healthy' vending machine.
      I plan to raise the point of the lecture theatres too. Those wooden seats have been uncomfortable for far too long now, and just when we find a slight solution of using the cushions from the sofas, they take those away. Things need to happen.