Thursday, October 25, 2012

FAO CGAA Year 1: CG Artist's Toolkit/Animation - Groups A & B

I'm just reiterating information here available on myUCA and via your ucreative emails: your groupings for the CG Artist's Toolkit/Animation classes beginning next week.

Group A

Akinbiyi Bababrinde
Simon Bloyce
Jebb Bobbett
Peta-Gaye Brown
Jake Bryant
Emily Clarkson
Matthew Coward
Alexander Edmonds
Katy Fosdike
Victoria Hatton
Aaron Hayre
George Hind
Megan Howett

Group B

Victoria Kerslake
Margaret Leslie
Shannon Mason
Dhuran Modha
Anass  Moudakir
Kym Mumford
Samantha Niemczyk
George Nwosisi
Lekti Rose Jacobs
Luke Scott
Nadia Yadallee
Lucy Yelding

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