Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dissertation Email question?

For any third years who are currently doing their Dissertation,

Has anyone successfully emailed Jude?

because I have emailed through the uni email and she hasn't received it and I have tried a few times with my personal email but I get sent back failure to send messages?

I checked with Jude today that I wrote the email down right and was confirmed that it was so I don't understand it so

Has anyone managed to email her and get a reply back?

Thank you in advance

Adam Webb


  1. I haven't had this problem myself. I successfully emailed her about a week or 2 ago so I really don't know what could be going on. It sounds like it could be her end but is she receiving emails like normal?

    1. Well no it doesn't appear so what email did you use to send it just out of curiosity?

    2. I used my own personal hotmail address to email her and it worked fine. You're 100% sure you've got the right email address for her?

    3. I write it and you can tell me for sure is it jude.box3@btinternet.com

      Is this right?

    4. it's 'cox3' not 'box3' but if that's just a typo then I don't know what the problem is, sorry! :(

    5. well i shall try that now see what happens :)

    6. it seems to have gone through ok Thank you Molly! :)

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