Monday, October 08, 2012

CGAA Miscellany: The blog of John Kricfalusi

Just a quick recommendation to follow the blog of animation god John Kricfalusi - the man behind Ren and Stimpy.

He recently produced a great opening couch sequence for The Simpsons - thus ending the most bitter 90's feud since Robbie left Take That. Currently he's working on a Kickstarted animation of his own creation, and is often posting snippets from production. If any of you know how to use ToonBoom software he's even letting people have a stab at inking some of the characters for the animation.  I really enjoy reading the nuggets of advice he shares (and he shares a lot!) and is famously passionate about the art and science of animation. Of course as you'd expect, he's also very funny and slightly sardonic! Happy reading!

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