Thursday, October 11, 2012

CGAA Cinema: Planeta Bur aka Planet of the Storms (Directed by Pavel Klushantsev, 1962)

A bit of a pre-amble before First Years sample the sultry delights of Barbarella.  Having looked at the VFX breakdown for Prometheus - and wondered why they didn't just film in places where there are mountains in the background - I thought it time to bring some some actual good sci-fi film action into the mix. This is Soviet Filmmaker Pavel Klushantsev's Planeta Bur aka Planet of the Storms, made in 1962. Klushantsev was an early pioneer of special effects who went on to greatly influence both Stanley Kubrick and George Lucas. Planeta Bur was his only feature film and was released under various guises in the West, most famously by B-Movie maestro Roger Corman as Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet. OK- it's pretty hokey in places, but I'm a sucker for this type of film! They just don't make em' like they used to. Who needs CG when you can make it out polystyrene.




  1. An excellent and much overlooked film. Much better than the rehashed Roger Corman version.

  2. Yes - I've included this as part of the 'Cinematic Spaces' references for year one on myUCA. On Tuesday at 2pm in L1, it's Barbarella, no less - in all its campy glory!