Wednesday, October 10, 2012

@Alan: need help (updated)

I managed to create Audio Wave simulation with a simple cube and it works fine in maya, but when I tried to render it out in mental ray I faced one problem: only first rendered frame reads the blend shapes connected to the Audio Wave node.

*I would use render view extension plug-in for this, because it renders fine if I'm not batch rendering, but it is only available for maya 2011 which doesn't seem to have audio wave plug-in.


  1. Hi

    1) No problem getting the Bonus Tools installed.

    2) I will need to look at you scene to go through the problems one by one once these are installed.

  2. Great. It seems that I managed to solve the problem with soft bodys, but the rendering problem is still there. Maybe I could key every frame somehow, so that maya wouldn't have to do all of the calculating while rendering?

  3. You need to bake the animation/ deformation into the geometry or cache the simutlation. Also, make sure you have 'Play every frame' turned on in the preferences.