Friday, September 07, 2012

Trailer: The Bay (2012)

The 'found footage' subgenre - incepted by The Blair Witch Project (1999) - shows little sign of running out of steam.  The appeal of this approach for genre stories (in particular) resides in their faux-reality, their use of a lo-fi 'I was there-ness' to encourage and accelerate our suspension of disbelief.  Certainly, the whole found footage conceit invigorated Cloverfield (2008) - which was otherwise a King Kong knock-off.  With The Bay, Oscar-winning director Barry Levinson is getting in on the act - which appears to do for body-horror what Cloverfield did for city-trashing behemoths... Warning!  This one is going to make you jump...


  1. It looked pretty interesting - but then the trailer seemed to reveal just about every single surprise the film had. Weird decision.

  2. I agrees with Tom, i hate trailers for films that are any longer than 1 minute, everything just gets ruined.

  3. Trailer shouldn't be so descriptive, as its ruins the suspense of the film. Not an appreciable decision.