Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Third Year Timetable?

I know Alex asked about it a little while ago, but when will we be getting our new timetables?

I'm pretty sure we're back on the 24th but any other help is much appreciated! :D


  1. Hi Molly (and everyone else who is thinking the same thing!) - Yes, term does indeed start for everyone on the 24th. However, the week before is induction for the new first years - and the Friday of that week (21st) there's the usual meet-up in the student bar from 5pm onwards - at least, that's the plan and I'm awaiting on confirmation of a number of things - but I'll be posting an announcement on here as soon as I'm able.

    In regard to the timetables - none of them have been finalised yet (for any course), because there is still some stuff re. sessional contracts and room-bookings etc to sort before we can commit everything to paper. This is normal and we're all running about trying to sort it. I know many of you have other things to organise around your working weeks and this can't be helping any of you do that - but as soon as we can publish, we will publish.

    Thanks for being patient and do watch this space. Hopefully I'll see a lot of you on Friday 21st anyway... :)

    See you all very soon :)

  2. Mind if a cheeky former student comes along for some drinks on the Friday? ;)

    1. Come to the dark side! We have drinks :D

    2. Do you also have Cookies over on that there dark side?

  3. Too bad I won't be there until saturday.