Monday, September 24, 2012

The Supplement: Luke Jeram's Glass Sculptures of Viruses

These giant glass microbes merge science and art  to each other Images of microorganisms are derived from electron microscopy and are usually enhanced with color. The color is generally arbitrary and used primarily to help distinguish the various elements of the image. But in fact most viruses are smaller than the wavelength of visible light, so they can't really have a color. His glass sculptures of these viruses, made in consultation with virologists using a variety of images and models, thus have a lot of merit as scientific illustrations and have been used as such. Beyond that, they're just really really cool.

These sculptures were produced in collaboration with glass blowers Kim George, Brian Jones and Norman Veitch.

There's plenty more viruses to look at and a lot of other cool stuff on his website



  1. Reminds me of these sculptures I posted a while back:

    ...and of course Dale Chihuly:

  2. thanks for sharing.