Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Supplement: De'Von Stubblefield

I've been following De'Von Stubblefield's blog for a while now after his deceptively simple character designs caught my eye.  His blog biog tells us he's just 17 and off to CalArts for a stint of character animation - little wonder!  Sometimes, 'character design' gets confused with a sort of conspicuous complexity of costume and prop, but here, the characterfulness of these drawings announces itself from the simplest, most reduced of forms. There is an enviable lightness of touch in Stubblefield's work, so happy browsing - lots to like, and lots to aspire to in terms of the joy of drawing.


  1. I like the simplicity, I was surprised to see he's only 17! He's managed to capture some really raw emotion.

  2. Agreed - I love his stuff - he's got this 'essence' eye - the ability to distil seemingly complex things into their essential form. Lovely!