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Michael Gove meets Independence Day (Sigh)

Just got sent this Stephen Collins cartoon satirising Education Secretary Michael Gove's 'deep and commanding knowledge' of teaching and teachers and pupils and students.  I'm sharing it here because Michael Gove pisses me off and this cartoon made me happy.


  1. Darn :-( I was hoping he'd get 'reshuffled' to the South Georgia Islands or something. He'd do well among the penguins and seals I think...

  2. Personally, I think Michael Gove should be "reshuffled" off the side of a volcano. There are few men I find more irritating and pathetic than that man. Meanwhile, Jeremy Hunt is health secretary now. He shouldn't be left in charge of a lettuce, let alone our pissing health system.

  3. It's only becomes truly depressing when you realise the only other viable candidate is the Labour Party...

    Surely politics stands at a crossroads when nearly every major nation is disgruntled with their government yet the 'other side' offers absolutely no realistic hope for change or a better life for the average person. Or has it always been like that? Sad.

    I just hope they all realise animation is still pretty damn nifty!

  4. Gove = Pob

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA It's how I imagine he talks as well!

  5. ...and there's me trying to make a dramatic statement about the predicament of the modern world and it's rulers. While Phil Gomm, Senior Lecturer of BA (Hons) CG Arts and Animation, equates Michael Gove to a children's TV character because he has funny shaped lips. Who is the senior academic here Phil? ;-)

  6. busted!

    But hey - hang on a minute, you don't even have your bloomin' Masters yet!

    Did you see that Osbourne got booed at the paraolympics! MAGICAL!

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