Saturday, September 22, 2012

FAO CGAA Yr 1: Unit Space & Environment/Project Cinematic Spaces - Your Creative Partners Announced!

Project: Cinematic Spaces - Your Creative Partnerships*

Akinbiyi Babarinde @

Lekti Rose Jacobs @

Shannon Mason @            

Jake Bryant @
Jebb Bobbet @
Nadia  Yadallee @


Remember - isolationism is counter-productive on CGAA (and 'out there' too). You need to get comfortable working collaboratively and receiving feedback for it is a principle characteristic of professionalism and the expectation from industry of graduates.

Okay, so I want you to use your creative partners as sounding boards, constructive critics, proof readers, quality controllers, mentors and creative allies.   Work with one other to come up with ideas for your respective creative projects. Follow each other's progress and get each other up-to-speed with course info.  Meet up, draw, discuss the movies you watch, reflect on each other's development, support each other technically, trade expertise and scaffold your weaknesses.  Use each other for life-drawing practice!  Take part in mini-crits, in which you present your work to one another and reflect critically on its strengths and weaknesses. Why not use these 'mini-crits' as smaller, weekly deadlines, as ways of structuring your workload?

Chances are some of you are still playing catch-up, still unsure of where to find course resources or how to blog confidently or what the brief is asking of you, so pool your knowledge, share ideas and save yourselves valuable time.

Remember: the brief asks you to archive your creative partnerships as part of your ultimate assessment; so, if you get together for a 'sketch jam' or  brainstorming session, identify creative, visual and dynamic ways to capture it for your blog.  People love to see how 'stuff gets done' and how ideas develop so engage your audience effectively.  Again - let me be clear: effective collaboration and creative partnership associates with Learning Outcome 4 on your Project brief i.e. Technical and applied skills through project management and professional skills. You need to work at these collaborations and find effective ways of communicating.

Obviously, you've got the whole CGAA community to work with, but consider your creative partners as your 'inner circle of influence'.   I very much look forward to seeing how these collaborative relationships develop over the next 5 weeks.  Have fun! "Be Amazing!"

*edit - sorry, if it's not clear - the groupings of blog addresses above correspond to your creative partnerships - i.e. George, Samantha and Peta-Gaye are creative partners for the duration of the unit etc. 



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