Tuesday, September 25, 2012

FAO CGAA Year 1: Unit Space & Environment/Project Cinematic Spaces - Examples of Previous Student Work

Okay - take a look at the following examples from last year's Cinematic Spaces project (formerly called just Unit 2: Space)*.  Don't get caught up with the polish of the final images (that's you too after five weeks!) - instead, click on the names and you'll be able to view their creative development - their thumbnails, their film reviews, their process.



Be sure to check out all the resources, references and learning materials available to you via myUCA - go and explore.   The 'podcast' from today's briefing presentation is already available in 'Learning Materials'.  You should look too at the 'Do's & Don'ts' of Academic Writing also available in 'Learning Materials'.  A link explaining how to reference published sources correctly using the Harvard Method is included on your brief, but you can also access that information here

I've sent details in regard to how to create posts on the Group blog to your ucreative email accounts.  Please be aware that I will always send course-based information to your ucreative emails, so please get into the habit of checking your inboxes for notifications and additional info.

Final word then, ladies and gentlemen: it's time to begin blogging your work; fortune favours the brave, remember - and remember too, that no queries can be answered or advice given or great ideas celebrated if you don't 'publish and be damned!'. (But remember to always label your posts according to the conventions outlined on your project brief - trust me, it will just make your lives easier in the long run).  And now... just get on with it! Enjoy yourselves!

*This label relates to all things digital painting/concept art-based - the project title might be different, but the content encompassed by this link will prove useful to you - click on it and see.

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