Saturday, September 22, 2012

Documentary: Room 237.

I came across this on Empire today and thought I'd post it up just in case anyone hadn't heard about it yet. 

I got to see The Shining for the first time at uni and I thought it was amazing. Any film that makes the days of the week scary is powerful stuff, so I'm really looking forward to seeing this documentary. It will be out on October 26th and you can catch Empire's review of it in their next issue, although there is also a clue on the poster.

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  1. The Shining a.k.a The most over-analysed floor pattern ever!

    I'm hoping it will somehow explain how the mysterious helicopter shadow is somehow linked to the way Kubrick frames the hotel's chandeliers to hint something about the discovery of secret Illuminati Pyramids in space by Nazi Germany.

    This will be fun. Considering The Shining is already one of the most over-analysed films of all time, it will be fascinating to see how they can beat this dead horse even further.

    I love The Shining and Kubrick but the attention to the most minor of details this film gets is beyond ridiculous. You think I'm joking about the chandeliers....