Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Supplement: Tutorphil's 'Visitations' (Part 2)

If my previous Visitations were from 'beyond the stars', these alternate manifestations of time + light + 35mm are most likely from beyond the grave. Or maybe they're angels? Or demons.

Once again, I take only limited credit for the results. Long exposure photography is a dance in the darkness and these even more so, for this time it was the light sources that remained stationary, while the human figure ebbed and flowed and turned as if to smoke.

There is something inherently spooky about photography, the way a photographic image is sometimes able to capture what wasn't present at the time of its taking. I'm sure the luckless photographer, Keith Jennings, would agree. When I look at these images - especially the first two - there are things appearing out of those woods that I can't readily explain - and I was there.

When I was a child, I had an encyclopedia of unexplained phenomena, which I pored over, drawn always to the photographic 'evidence' of wraiths, spectres and revenants. When I look at these images and experience both triumph at the trick and a shudder, I realise the child I was is still looking at that book and hoping for ghosts.

So I'm calling this set of images Visitations Part 2 - but another title now suggests itself; how about just 'They're here'.


  1. Wow! I'm really glad I didn't see these before bed! Incredibly eerie Phil, I love them!

  2. Unsettling visuals. Ghostly tea party, anyone? Fourth one not so much until you see that figure and accompanying fedora hat. Puts me in the mind of Kruger...

  3. Spooktacular!

    I can only imagine the making of these pictures was a very funny sight indeed. Maybe even horrifying (particularly for young CG Arts students)?!

    Also, is it just me, or is the last picture is exactly like the Mr Burns as an alien episode from The Simpsons!

  4. @ Tom - you're not wrong, young minds and all that... ;D

  5. The Fae are finally attaining corporeality, well in the top two at least.
    Number 3 is loaded with Catholic imagery as is the last one, but in a popular context, I actually had to go back and check the poster for The Exorcist to make sure he didn't have an umbrella.
    And the for the middle two we have dreams or thought processes given form and an ethereal gathering/ tea party En plein air.

    Of course these are my interpretations of what are essentially revelatory images for you as creator and us as the audience. I almost used the term happy accident, but that would not be the case in these images as you have exhibited a lot of control; exposure times, lighting, and even the movements captured.

    In reference to your comment Tom, we know Phil has very little shame, on that note a two worded question.

    Budgie Smugglers?

  6. @ Simon - Haha! I'm blushing, but, ahem, you're not too wide of the mark...

    "you have exhibited a lot of control; exposure times, lighting" or 'happy accidents'? You were right the first time, I think!