Thursday, August 16, 2012

SIGGRAPH 2012, Los Angeles

The Computer Graphic community, both student body and a major share of professionals were partaking annual SIGGRAPH convention, this year at Los Angeles Convention Centre.


SIGGRAPH 2012 was big and ground breaking as ever. Peddie Research notes what we all concur on. "SIGGRAPH is a joyful expression of our desire to recreate the beauty, wonder, and even dread in the world we see around us. At SIGGRAPH people share what they've learnt and learn from others because the goal is huge. It's nothing less than to create the tools to translate the visual into the digital.

 In short, SIGGRAPH exhibited and published some of the most exciting and ground-breaking art and art papers in the world.

SIGGRAPH consisted of many production sessions, where recently or about-to-be released films were explored by key creative personnel behind it. Such explored films included The Avengers, Paranorman, Brave, The Real Steel, The Amazing Spider-man, Battleship and others. Also Games, such as DmC Devil May Cry. 

Also very informative were technical papers and Talk sessions, where a clear view of tomorrows work flow and technology was drawn. Particular interest was raised by many such talks, for example, a future camera development discussion, where a clear model of new insect-eye-type camera was drawn, adding a new feature of manipulating 3d depth . 

Another huge addition to many sessions was the Exhibition hall. Grand companies, jobs fair, generous giveaways attracted many visitors.

 This is a list of few one could meet, ask questions and set up some arrangements for future involvements. Every booth had prepared a special list of events.

There was a chance to meet and talk with many professionals from any desired field. For instance, sculptors and lead character artists, such as Danny Williams, Michael Pavlovich, Joseph Durst from games and film industries running the sessions  in Z-brush booth . 

On top of all of that, SIGGRAPH created an outstanding opportunity for networking with many after parties and Dessert Networking Receptions. To name a few, I was lucky to meet Weta Digital Software developers, Lead Effects artist for the Lion King and so on. 

 Lastly, I sure want to encourage all students apply for the 40th SIGGRAPH 2013 connection held nearby Los Angeles in Anaheim!

 The key is to express the right attitude and not to miss application deadline! I promise that nothing will quite prepare you for L.A. and SIGGRAPH experience!

More information @ CG society SIGGRAPH diary


  1. Hey JJ - Welcome back and thanks for sharing your experiences. I look forward to meeting up in person so I can find out all the real gossip from La-la Land... ;)

  2. :D haha, it's true, this post can't contain real gossip :D I'll come to Tom's exhibition , see you there ! ((:]

  3. Congrats J.J. I hope you had that fun for me while you were there :P