Sunday, August 19, 2012

Keep healthy in a sedentary job

We all know as a CG course how sitting all day long in front of a computer screen can be exhausing. Most people would think it's actually less tiring working on a desk as it doesn't require much physical activity but in reality it can cause a lot more health problems than any other job.
What triggered me to post this is my recent visit to a doctor who found a small inflammation on  my kneecap (nothing serious) which was caused lack of exercise!I don't mean to scare anyone but just to pass on some advice about how to keep healthy and therefore work effectively.
There are  alot of ways we can keep ourselves healthy and still work in front of the screen. There is no need for very intensive exercise or an expensive gym membership to keep  active. Even small ways of moving about like taking the stairs instead of the lift or taking a break to walk can help.There are a lot of ways to exercise like working out at home, jogging or even cycling- whatever the individual prefers. Small differences like these, followed by a balanced diet can help us become less of 'pc-potatoes'.

Additionaly, finding alternative ways to do uni work like sketching outside, researching outdoors or even socializing with people for feedback can improve our work and give our eyes some rest from the screen.

There are a lot of websites with tips on this matter. These two are a couple of pages I found myself:


  1. Well it is obvious that you need to be outside, streach and doo breaks, but anyway it will not stop your health going bad. The most important stuff is healthy food and cardio exercises. If you can afford sports club, just get that membership, because there is nothing better. :D

  2. even just taking the time to have an extensive walk here. I walk around the uni area like for an hour or two everyday.

  3. Having spent the last four days in darkness and covered in boat dust and oil, I can assure you the sun and daylight is one of nature's great rejuvenators...

    1. This is very beautiful and sweet! Love how you combined the colors