Tuesday, August 07, 2012

@Everyone - University Computers

Hi hope you are all having a nice summer

Just a quick question

I tried phoning the university about this but they put through to someone who wasn't there so I left a message but not sure when they will get it so I turn to the CGAA Community

Does anyone know if we can use the computers at uni during the summer break and if so what are times we can use them per day?

Thanks in advance



  1. Hi Adam,

    I think the studios and workshops are pretty much off-bounds to students who aren't post-grad or who don't have prior permission to work in them over the Summer.

    I think this includes all the CG rooms and DM3. The library is open however including Mac usage. I think the times are from 10am-4pm usually.

    1. ok thanks Tom just wanted to check :)