Monday, August 27, 2012

@Alan, @Tom Beg @Anyone - Texture Problem can anyone help?

Hey guys hope your all doing well.
I have had this problem pop up and it's starting to really bug me.

The image planes in the back ground are messing up/glitching out and I can’t get them to go normal again. This has been happening to everything in the scene including the torso and has spread to other scenes in different projects. However the textures show in render but not in the view port. I have refreshed, re-saved even re-edited the texture files. As of yet nothing has worked. I even started a new project and it is still happening. If it’s technical I don't know what to do.

 I first noticed it happen a while ago while doing a tut. It happened a couple of times and lasted a couple of seconds (like a glitch).  Recently though its been a lot more, sometimes I would have to close the project and then reopen it again. i haven't used maya for a little while and i cam back to a project and it was just keeps happening. it won't go away no matter what I do. I don't know if I have caused this or its just a bug or something. The last time I touched this project everything was fine. :(

The back and side should look like this:

Just wondering if someone else has had this problem. 
Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)


  1. Never seen this before, at a guess it might be an issue with your graphics card. Try updating. Are you per chance using a Radeon card?

  2. By updating, I meant the drivers. Don't mean go out and buy a new one :P

    1. I am on a mac, I don't know what kind of g-card it has. I will check it out and google how to update drivers as i have never done it before.

  3. When I saw this I also thought graphics card, especially since you mention it happening in other projects. Check drivers, also if you have access to a "spare" card to could swap it out to see if that improves things. Power supply units can also cause graphics issues if they are not supplying the correct current/ power to the graphics card.

    1. Thanks for the reply guys, it is much appreciated. I have a nifty pc on its way but its just this issue for the mac. I will update the drivers and see how it goes. I am starting to think it could be this as it was working fine a month ago then out of nowhere this happened. However if it doesn't change should I re-install maya?

      I'll keep ya posted.

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