Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tutorphil is off on his Summer hols...

Just a quick post to say that I'm off on my summer hols as of tomorrow (16/07) - a couple of weeks in foreign climes with the promise of some sunshine and some internet-less rest and relaxation.  Last time I managed to get some arthouse photography under my belt, a couple of thousand words written on my novel and bitten by a sheep tick... 

Upon my return it will be Post With The Most time again. There's already loads of creative activity going on in the CGAA community, so I look forward to returning home to a veritable feast of eye-candy.

In the meantime, be productive, enjoy the sunshine if/when it returns, and 'be amazing'.  Au revoir!


  1. Enjoy your well earned time off! :D

  2. Have a great time, you definitely deserve it.... and try to avoid the lymes :)

  3. have a great time! Try to relax as much a spossible. Avoid the sheep ticks this time :P

  4. Enjoy. Hopefully it doesn't end up like that film, Swimming Pool. English writers looking for solitude in the south of France ends in murder. Always!

    1. Could be like With Nail and I......

  5. Hope by the time you read this you'll be in a post-holiday state of awesome ! :D

  6. Have a great Holiday Phil Enjoy! :)