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The Post With The Most 04/07/2012

Welcome to this special New Designers 2012 Post With The Most celebrating and showcasing the accomplishments of graduates from Ba Hons CG Arts & Animation.

But first, some words of reassurance for those CGAA graduates not exhibiting at New Designers 2012.  Let's not be coy; going to New Designers is an achievement.  Its selection criteria acknowledges a certain level of technical skill, design, preparedness, polish, professionalism and flair as measured at the conclusion of a three year process.  Inevitably then, 'not going to New Designers' can feel like a judgement, an indication that your respective successes 'mean' less or that your future potential is somehow capped or second-guessed by this selection.  Listen carefully:  for all its pomp, ceremony and excitement, New Designers is but one goal at one point in time.  If you're not exhibiting there this week, chances are it's because there's still more you can do to improve - but this is as true of the graduates who are exhibiting.  Refinement of your craft is a life-long commitment. It never ends.  Indeed, if you're properly serious about pursuing a long and satisfying career in the creative industries, you won't want it to.  Rest assured, your successes and personal bests during your time on CG Arts & Animation are not, nor should not, be diminished by the achievements of your classmates.

The end of a degree is a difficult phase for everyone.  It is a season of comparisons, and not all of them helpful, accurate or good for morale.  Regardless of categories and London shows, regardless of passes and fails or the narrowest of percentage points, there is one heart-felt, if simple request I'd now make of all of you who are soon to leave CGAA for horizons new: never give up - and Calvin Coolidge, thirtieth president of the United States, agrees: "Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent." 

2012 is the year that Ba Hons CG Arts & Animation comes of age.  As of now, we're officially 3 years old. These final year students have seen the course change, adapt and meet new challenges in sometimes difficult circumstances.  They've tolerated glitches and gremlins and f**k-ups and foibles.  Arguably, this graduating cohort has shaped the course most, enriching its provision with their feedback, attentiveness and high expectations of the enterprise of quality degree education.  While it's our hope their time with us has taught them much, let it be said they've taught us plenty too. We owe our 2012 graduates a debt of gratitude - for their positivity, loyalty, community and day-to-day determination to 'be amazing' - come what may.  Thanks very much.  We're proud of you all.

New Designers is the UK’s most important graduate exhibition. Taking place over two weeks, with nine distinct design zones and two prestigious Awards Evenings, New Designers is an event full of innovation and fresh thinking.  Over 3,500 of the most talented newly graduated designers from across the nation will come "together under one roof for the 27th edition of New Designers... and Ba Hons CG Arts & Animation is proud to showcase here the work of nine of our graduates now showing at New Designers 2012, July 4th - July 7th.  To view their respective ND 2012 showcases in full simply click on their names.  Alternatively, access their content via their QR codes. 

Character Artist & Animator

Le Patissier (Character)

Showreel 2012

CG Artist

The Place Where Lost Things Go (Animated Short)

The Making Of The Place Where Lost Things Go

Demo Reel (Character Rigging) 2012

Character Artist

The Minor Key (Animated Short)

The Art Of The Minor Key

Character Showreel 2012

Jordan's The Minor Key is showcased on Blurb's blog - the company responsible for the printing and publication of his Art Of The Minor Key book.  Go here to read his interview on their blog in which he talks about his inspiration for The Minor Key.

Also showing at New Designers 2012 is a brand new 'director's cut' of Atom Pancakes' animated short The Final Chapter.  Atom Pancakes is an animation studio comprising the talents of Ethan Shilling, Ruben Martins, and Jordan Buckner.  

The Final Chapter (Animated Short)

The Art Of The Final Chapter

The Final Chapter  Character Bible

3D Artist & Animator

The Baltic Pixie (Character)


The Art Of The Baltic Pixie

The Wolves Within (Character)

The Art Of The Wolves Within


Character Reel 2012

Charlotte Buchan
CG Artist

De Chirico: Realm of Dreams (Environment) 

Demo Reel 2012

Leo Tsang 
Digital Artist/CG Animation

Isle of Cirrus (Environment & Character) 

The Wolves Within (Environment)

Showreel 2012

CG Environment Artist & Modeller

The Witch's HQ (Environment)

The Art Of The Witch's HQ

The Pied Piper Of Hamelin (Environment)

The Art Of The Pied Piper Of Hamelin

Showreel 2012

Environment Artist

We'll Meet Again (Environment)

Showreel 2012

CG Artist

The Time Machine (Environment)

The Making Of The Time Machine

Showreel 2012

Also showing at New Designers 2012 is a new extended cut of Green Octopus' cg environment project, The Oriental West.   Green Octopus is a studio combining the talents of Richard Vosper-Carey and Sam Hayes.

The Oriental West (Environment)

The Making Of The Oriental West

And finally, Ba Hons CG Arts & Animation now as a Behance portfolio, where you can also view the 2012 graduate work, and much more besides.

If you'd like any more information on the graduate work showcased here, or further details about Ba Hons CG Arts & Animation @ UCA Rochester, do please contact me at  For ticket info for New Designers 2012 go here.


  1. Some realy nice work here everyone, well done to all the graduates, and I hope all your hard work pays off and you get or make your own job in the industry(whatever industry that might be)if your sending your reels to people beeeeeee patient, most companies take a while to get back,and dont give up on the first second or third rejection, its often about timing (as well as talent)with jobs. Great work by all involved,it would have been cool to come and talk to you all, all the best Robin

  2. Well done everyone - Good luck!