Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Class of 2012 graduation

So, that is that then - goodbye and good luck to the newly graduated class of 2012 !
Yesterday was fantastic - so many proud faces, both among the graduates themselves, and their guests. Well done all of you!

Luckily the rain held off too!
Lots more pictures can be seen here


  1. Congratulations everyone and thanks for the pictures Jackie! Good luck with the job-hunting and post-uni despair, lol.

  2. Don't'll all be fine!:)

  3. Hey 'Class of 2012' :) It was a lovely day, and even though I've stood in that cathedral a few times now handing out scrolls, it's always a great/sad/wonderful/surreal moment - just seeing all of you step off that podium and walk towards me 'not students' anymore. Hand on heart, it seems impossible to me that 3 years have passed, and hand on heart, I'm so proud of all of you, because, let's face it, CGAA isn't for the faint hearted, and you've all distinguished yourselves. It's an odd day for us - lots of goodbyes and lots of things not quite expressed, and a slight feeling that no words or gesture will quite be adequate to say what we mean. Anyway, forgive me any rubbishy goodbyes - I hate saying it - so how about instead 'see you on Linkedin' - come find me if you haven't done so already - and finally, CONGRATULATIONS! :)

    Also - it would be great to see lots more of your graduation pictures on here - to toast the occasion and your success :)

  4. Congrats everyone, it is a really strange time. I feel like that moment in the film after the apocalypse when everyone is dead and you just have to be alive in a land of sparse jobs and friendly faces. These last 3 years have proved that we can do amazing things with little time, we should be confident going forward. Good luck to everyone with the job hunt, if anyone ever wants a CG meetup at a pub to discuss render times and the benefits of raytrace shadows let me know :)

  5. regular meet-ups in pubs is a great idea, you lot - don't underestimate the power of solitude to eat away at your morale, confidences and sense of perspective. An anxiety shared is an anxiety halved.

  6. I'm always available for meet-ups in pubs! And I could probably even blag my way through a discussion on render times....:D