Friday, June 01, 2012

FAO Year 1: Maya Tutorials Issues

 Issue 1: Visual Effects 1: 3D Example.

Unfortantely the scene files for this tutorial have gone missing from the online storage site. I suggest either creating your own simple test scene or leaving this tutorial out and we will pick up on it again next year.

Issue 2: Visual Effects 1: Sculpt Deformers.

There has been a change in Maya 2012 which may cause some people problems when following the current tutorial. Please see the post listed below for more info.

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  1. Alan, another problem I have encountered with the muscle tutorial, I think Jut had it too, when the muscle jiggles it comes through the skin, but if you turn visibility off the arm mesh doesn't jiggle with it, but it still gets bigger when the arm is bent etc, just the jiggle that doesn't jiggle the arm mesh. Any ideas?