Friday, June 01, 2012


Alan, another problem I have encountered with the muscle tutorial, I think Jut had it too, when the muscle jiggles it comes through the skin, but if you turn visibility off the arm mesh doesn't jiggle with it, but it still gets bigger when the arm is bent etc, just the jiggle that doesn't jiggle the arm mesh. Any ideas?


  1. A couple of options I can think of.

    1. Take the jiggle off the muscle geom and add it to a second piece of identical geom that's just for the jiggle. Meaning you can keep the visibility on the jiggle geom and visibility off the muscle geom and hopefully it shouldn't penetrate. (Haven't tried this one though)

    2. Paint the jiggle weight onto he arm geom instead. (Tried it this does work)

    1. Hey, so I've painted the weights on the arm- seems to have done the trick thanks :)