Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Small Help!

Hello, 1st year student Anastasis here. I have a small problem with my export from maya.
I render with mental ray and the output is .tga file. Everything is ok with the rendering process. My problem  (when my frames are 125 which means 5 seconds and my animation settings are set to 25 frames Pal) is when i import this .tga sequence to After Effects to create it as an .avi loseless file I don't get 5 seconds of animation. I get only 4 or 4.06.  I don't know what is happening.
It's not a big problem but if everyone knows why this is happening i would very appreciate it.

I'm putting with this post my maya settings and after effects settings so if something is wrong and causing this loss of 1 second someone can tell me what is wrong.

After Effects and Maya settings:



  1. You've set the Composition settings correctly, but it's possible that the sequence is being imported as the wrong settings.

    In the After Effects project window (Where your imports are) try right-clicking the sequence before you put it into a Comp and checking the Frames per second under 'Interpret Footage', which are the settings that pop-up when you import the sequence.

    You might've already checked this, but if not, it could eb the problem.

    Good luck!

  2. Yes that was it! It was set to 30 frames per second and i changed it to 25 frames per second. I'm not very good with After Effects. Thank you very much!